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Movies You Should See and Discuss...

Corrina Corrina

A great movie to watch as a family after a death of a parent.

Walk the Line

This movie has clips that help to show the depth of pain that death can cause throughout a life.

The Bucket List

Have you started yours?

This is a great movie to watch concerning a death due to a terminal illness.

Discussion Questions for
The Bucket List

1.    How do you measure life? By love, accomplishments, or what?
2.    What is a Philistine? Why does Edward call him “Phil”?
3.    What does “I’ve never been sick before,” tell us about Edward Cole and his sympathy towards others?  Have you ever been sick before?  How did it affect
4.    How would you react if you got the news you were dying soon?
5.    What does he mean by, “somewhere some lucky guy is dying of a heart attack”?
6.    The rich guy has no one except a paid aid.  The other guy has a family that visits him.  Who do you want in your life to visit you if you faced death?
7.    What is the significance of Edward Cole notices Carter’s freckles?
8.    Did you know Chemo was that difficult? Was the chemo worth it? 
9.    What is the foundation of your life?  For baseball the foundation is the fundamentals. 
10.    Carter Chambers the mechanic wrote a bucket list that Edward Cole found on the floor.  What would be on your bucket list?
11.    Do you think it is normal to think about suicide if you faced a painful death?
12.    What are the five stages of grief? 
13.    How did Edward Cole attitude change about Carter when they suffered together?
14.    What were the stages of the development in their relationship?  Here are some of the stages.
a.    “What is he doing here?”  “Zombieroid”
b.    Showing courtesy and respect
c.    Noticing him as a person.
d.    Looking at pictures of his family.
e.    Interested in his thinking.
f.    Edward want to make Carter’s dreams come true.
15.    Would you want to know the day of your death?
16.    Why or why not is know the time of your death liberating?
17.    How would you want others to handle your affairs?
18.    What does it mean “don’t buy any green bananas?
19.    Would you want to spend your last days with a stranger?
20.    Would you get a tattoo?  What would you put on you?
21.    Should a bucket list be metaphorical?
22.    Do you want someone else to handle your life?
23.    Would you want to be smothered by pity and grief? 
24.    How would you talk to your family and friends about your death?
25.    Why does the wife want a second opinion?
26.    Has Carter given up on his family?
27.    If someone called you a fool would it stop you?
28.    Was Carter bought?  Virginia felt he was why?
29.    What is your view about what happens after death?
30.    What was Edward Cole’s view?
31.    What was Carter Chambers’ view?

Batman Begins

Bruce Wayne deals with the guilt from the loss of his parents.  His guilt is false guilt but it has a real affect on Bruce's life for years to come.

Last Holiday

Last Holiday
Discussion Questions

1.    Do you have hidden dreams or possibilities that you never shared with anyone?  What were some of them?

2.    What risks have you not made in life?

3.    How would you handle it if you found out you had three weeks to live?

4.    Is life to short to live the way you do?

5.    Have you ever asked, “Why me?”

6.    “I only have time for reality realities” what realities do you deal with in your life that are not real? (When Georgia Byrd spoke with her Congressman)

7.    “You should be with people you love”, who would you want to spend your last three weeks with if you were dying?

8.    If people know they can respond.  Who would you find it hard to tell?

9.    The turnip gets better with cooking.  It’s not how you start but how you finish.  Do you want to finish well?

10.    As she talks to herself in the mirror  Georgia says to herself, “next time you will do things different.”  What things would you do differently?

11.    What things in your life that are worthless have you cared about?

12.    “Has that ceiling ever made you cry?”  What mundane things in your life have gone unnoticed by you?  Stop and smell the roses.

13.    In what ways could your life affect others if you lived a different way?

14.    When she faced death she was able to really face life and live to its fullest.

15.    You can make your possibilities realities.  Take risks in faith.

Death in the Movies

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