Coaching People Through Grief - GrievingTeens™

Johnny Cash

The Father of This Program

Due to funds that Johnny Cash and his wife June Carter Cash raised as they hosted the first TV Special that was Nationally aired in 1980, this program began.  Funds were raised at that time to begin the program here in the Desert.  Edwin C. Johnsen, the developer of The Springs and Morningside in Rancho Mirage, responded to make a major donation.  Hundreds of other residents did the same.  The local program began in 1984.  Johnny Cash met with the local director in 1988 backstage at the Bob Hope Theater, and again while he was at the Betty Ford Center.

Johnny's life was a struggle due to the loss of his brother Jack (see the video Walk the Line).  While in this life there were struggles but, in the words of his final album, "I'm Free from the Chain Gang Now."

Johnny and June prepared themselves for their deaths and helped countless others.  His final albums are among his best.  American
V is an album that I would recommend you listen to with your friends and loved ones.


The YFC movement began in Chicago in 1944 and spread internationally.  The first employee was a student at Wheaton College Billy Graham.

For us we have moved from YFC/USA

We have the same vision and goals but function under a local board of directors.