Coaching People Through Grief - GrievingTeens™

Grief Groups Sessions

A Series of Sessions to be Conducted Weekly
For Groups of 7-12 People

Counseling Principles for Grief Groups

1. Help the Youth Face the Loss
2. Help the Youth to Identify and Experience Feelings
3. Assist in Living Without the Deceased
4. Help Find Meaning in the Loss
5. Facilitate Emotional Relocation of the Loss
6. Provide Time To Grieve
7. Help Youth Understand What Normal Is in the Midst of Loss
8. Allow for Individual Differences
9. Examine Defenses and Coping Styles
10.  Identify Pathology and Refer

Grief Groups

Purpose: To provide emotional, educational, social, and spiritual support.
Structure: The groups are open-ended groups available for as long as the support is needed.
Logistics: The grief group size is from 3- 12 people who have similar interests and losses.  The groups meet from 30 minutes to an hour once a week. Pre Screening of students is preferred for group placement when there is more than one group.  For example, oftentimes a friend will bring a student that has lost his mother.

Ground Rules:
a. Members of the group are expected to be on time.
b. What is said in the group stays in the group. No exceptions.
c. Everyone gets equal time to talk.
d. People are free to share what they want to share.
e. The role of a group member is not to give advice, but to listen.

Leadership of Groups: The leadership is real, but passive enough to allow students to feel comfortable.

Group Dynamics:  
1. Students want inclusion, to feel a part of the group that they feel they “fit in” with.
2. They need to feel that, “I am an important member of the group.”
And they need to feel cared for by the group.