Coaching People Through Grief - GrievingTeens™
Benefits of GrievingTeens™
for a
Youth Pastor or Youth Worker 

1. Getting to the emotional core  in a young person's life. Not dealing with the superficial but the deep needs that demand spiritual issues be discussed.

2.  Changing the Way a School Sees You.  You will no longer be a youth worker recruiting on campus but someone who cares about youth helping students in need.

3.  Working With Youth During School Time.  You won't have to wait til lunch or after school to interact with students.

4.  Seeing Sad Young People Smile.  Seeing them search for answers and watch them find them.

5.  Seeing young people who abuse drugs and sex find better answers to dealing with life's traumas.

6.  Preparing students to be able to help others in high school, university, and beyond.