Coaching People Through Grief - GrievingTeens™

Health Class Presentations

Death & Dying

The part of life no one wants to face

All of this and more can be found in....

1.   Facing Death

2.    Coping with Death (Grief)



Helping Others in Grief

3.    Facing Life in View of Death

This 40-minute seminar examines the way our culture views death and compares it to other cultures and worldviews.  Students will be encouraged to confront their own denial of death and come to grips with their mortality.  The goal is to prepare students to face death and to be aware of the emotional, physical, social, and spiritual changes that occur in grief. The base fear in humans is the fear of death.  Can the fear of death be confronted and overcome?  If so, a person is freed up to really live life!