Coaching People Through Grief - GrievingTeens™
Small Groups

A GrievingTeens group, which is for support and encouragement, consists of 3-12 students that meet with a purpose and an agenda.  A grief group is to discuss and hear from each individual about their journey in loss (both primary and secondary losses) and to share their emotions and how they are dealing with life in the context of their loss or losses.  The purpose is to deal with the emotional, social, physical, and spiritual aspects of grief.

These groups are not closed but open.  New people hear about the group by referral from friends, teachers, and counselors.  New people change the group.  New people often revitalize and refocus the group on their grief and their working on the tasks of grief.  Young people are invited to attend as long as it meets their need to work through grief.  In the last seven years, I have seen that some need to attend for several weeks, while the vast majority will attend for several months, and some have attended for several years.  In the group a young person is confronted with reality concerning the way they are dealing with their emotions, social issues, physical affects, and spiritual ramifications.

Along with the purpose and agenda of the group.  The support group needs to have a culture of respect.  The leader sets the attitude by his or her respect expressed to every attending student.  The example set by the grief coach determines the accepted type of interaction.  The basic ground rules brought to the groups attention at each meeting.

Currently groups meet at:

SSHS Tuesday 3rd Period

PDHS Wednesday 4th Period

LQHS Thursday 2nd & 4th Periods

IHS    Thursday 2nd & 4th Periods

Groups will be formed on as needed basis.  We will help you start a group at your local High School contact us for help.